Aussie Blog Episode 52

Aussie Blog.             Episode 52.   Location: Fowlers Point

Today we left the roadhouse without any breakfast. It was a cold morning and it gets colder the further south we go but it will soon be summer so I’m not too worried. While we were driving we stopped at a few places to look at cliffs and once we stopped at a whale sanctuary to look at whales. When we got to our camp we had crossed the south Australian border done about half the Nullabor. We walked off and climbed up a sand dune, leaving footprints (which would soon be blown away) behind. We had a delicious dinner of ravioli and vegetables in the camp kitchen to avoid the wind. Then we went to bed…

Playing on the sand dunes at Fowlers bay.

WHALES on the great Australian bight.


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Aussie Blog Episode 51

Aussie Blog              Episode 51.          Location: Cocklebiddy

Today we started driving across the Nullarbor plain. So it was pretty much all driving today but part of the road was straight for 90 miles (no turns or curves at all). After a long day of driving we purchased a cabin and watched TV for a while. Later we went to the roadhouse and had dinner before going to sleep in a nice big bed.

This is what it looked like when we were about to enter the straight.

This is a beach we saw the day before.


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Aussie Blog Episode 50

Aussie Blog               Episode 50.      Location: Esperance

Today we woke up and had pancakes for breakfast. On my pancake I had lemon and sugar which is really yummy. After we had pancakes Dad took us to the car wash so he could wash the car and get rid of all the bugs on the front of the car. After the car was washed we went on a drive up the coast and looked at some beaches and islands for some of the day.

When we returned to the town we had some fish and chips for lunch before returning to the caravan park. I helped Dad fix the water tank on the bottom of the camper trailer then Mum, Meg and I went for a walk and played in some parks and also looked at a couple of wharves. We returned to the caravan park again this time having spaghetti carbonara for dinner and going to sleep.

This is one of the beaches we went to. It was claimed the most beautiful beach in 2006.


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Aussie Blog Episode 49

Aussie Blog           Episode 49 DIV.              TRANS-LOCATION

DAY 1          Location: UNKOWN

Today was pretty much all driving which gave us a chance to do stuff. Mum purchased an audio book on Skulduggery pleasent ® which we listened to half the time. We then arrived at a town and we got a cabin because we needed to leave early the next day. We went to the Pub and had dinner before returning to the cabin and watching a couple TV programs including a Hilarious show called The ZOO © and then we went to bed.






DAY 2             Location: Esperance

Today I awoke to a terribly sore throat, so I switched on the TV and watched it for a while before been taken into the car and driving. It took us a short time to realize that we hadn’t had breakfast because Meg started saying:

“But Dad I’m starv-ing!”


So we stopped at a servo and Meg had Sushi which apparently was non-fresh and disgusting, fortunately for the rest of the family we had egg and bacon rolls.

Later we saw some tin horses beside the highway and also some tin people too (we wern’t following a yellow brick road so don’t go thinking about the Wizard Of OZ).

Later we also saw the famous wave rock and kinda surfed (sat) on it and took some photos. Through the trip to Esperance we finished the Skulduggery Pleasent ® audio book. We had steak sandwiches for dinner before going to bed



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Aussie Blog Episode 48

Aussie Blog             Episode 48             Location: Geralton


In this post there are references to Clive Cussler and the Oregon. I’ve already read two Clive Cussler books and about to read a third please don’t judge.

Today we arrived at Geraldton and set up camp before having a lunch of chicken noodles.As soon as we finished we went to the HMAS Sydney museum and looked at some artifacts, movies and tools (not to mention a collection of stuffed animals).

I recently finished reading a book featuring a boat called the Oregon, the Oregon is disguised to look like a rusty old cargo ship but it has hidden guns and state of the art engines and technology.

The HMAS Sydney had a battle with a German ship named Kormoran. Kormoran looked like a normal cargo ship but when they needed to attack machine guns came out the front and anti aircraft guns rose from under the deck. The Kormoran also sported a 150mm cannon which came out from hidden doors under the bridge (windscreen of the ship) and it also housed two small float planes. The Kormoran was a lot like the Oregon apart from one thing, the speed. The Kormoran only went at 13 knots while Oregon San reach speeds of 170 knots.

All 645 men on HMAS Sydney were killed while Kormoran lost 81 men and 324 others survived. Both boats sunk but each wreck was found only in 2015. At the HMAS Sydney memorial there is a statue of a lady looking out to sea trying to spot her son who got killed on the HMAS Sydney it was sad that the boat never popped up on the horizon. But here’s what’s scary, the lady is looking in the exact direction of the Sydney’s wreck, but she was created before the wreck was found. CREEEEPYYYY…

This is the Kormoran coming close to HMAS Sydney, you can see the crew at the bottom their fate was drawing near. But they didn’t know they thought it was a normal freighter until the guns came out.


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Aussie Blog Episode 47

Aussie Blog.            Episode 47 DIV.               TRANS-LOCATION.


The following post may not contain any unnecessary material. If you have any concerns don’t even try pointing them out because I don’t want to hear them and my mum will have noticed them already. 🙂


DAY 1      Location: Denham

Today we left Carnarvon and arrived at Denham, shark bay. And then a day later we drove to Monkey Mia, and no there are no monkeys in Australia I know what you are going to ask. But there are still a couple of cool animals there, like dolphins, Emu’s and thorny devils (Meg was worried hat thorny devils pop your tires, turns out your tires pop the thorny devil (not that we did it, we just read it on a poster) ). So we got to feed the dolphins but when Meg got back in the car it reeked of fish.

This is a Pelican that can break it own neck better than it can walk.

This is Meg feeding a dolphin named Picollo, yes Picollo


DAY 2.       Location: Kalbarrie

Today we left Denham and arrived at Kalbarrie. So we pretty much set up camp, played on the jumping pillow, had a look around town then had fish for our dinner and chocolate for desert. Oh… and then we went to bed.



Stay tuned




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Aussie Blog Episode 46

Aussie blog              Episode 46.          Location: Carnarvon

Today we went to the Carnarvon space center for the day. Carnarvon space center has a large satellite dish called the OCT dish (can’t remember what OCT stands for, sorry).

Using all of the equipment that they housed the Carnarvon space center monitored most of NASA’s manned missions pretty much pinpointing the spacecraft in orbit, thus giving NASA’s mission control the location of the craft.

In the museum within the center we got to see lots of information, spacecraft and objects used by Carnarvon Space Center (when I say CSC I refer to Carnarvon space center) and NASA. We got to simulate been in an Apollo capsule during takeoff and transition into space. I landed a space shuttle at Kennedy Space Centre, which requires a lot of skills by the way. We also got to climb the OCT dish which is no longer functional.

This is me sitting inside the Gemini capsule (pronounced: Gem-in-eye)

This is Meg and I controlling a mission at mission control.

This is me and my fellow astronauts (sorry dad was left out because he was taking the photo) in the Apollo capsule making the transition into space. The simulation was so much fun we saw, heard and even felt what the Astronauts would have.

This is the rocket that took the first American into space, Allen Sheppard . The craft was called freedom 7.(The rocket is actually a replica)

This is my crew and I standing in front of our Apollo capsule.

Buzz Aldrin put his hands into a slab of cement and wrote his name. I put my hands on the place where he put his, It was such an honor to do so.

This is my crew about to enter the capsule with our helmets on and ready to go.

This is me standing in front of the OCT dish. It doesn’t look like it functions doesn’t it. Scale: the vent looking thing in the middle is actually the size of a small car!

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By Sidney.

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Aussie Blog Episode 44

Aussie Blog            Episode 44        Location: Coral bay

Today we arrived in coral bay and set up camp. We did snorkeling throughout the week (the snorkeling was extremely cold and I didn’t like it at all) the rest of the time we swam in the pool and played in the park.

P.S. we had a relaxing time (apart from the snorkeling) so I didn’t have much to write about.

This is Meg and I standing upon the sands of coral bay.


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Aussie Blog Episode 45

Aussie Blog           Episode 45 DIV.                 TRANS-LOCATION

NOTICE: TRANS-LOCATION means that the DIV is spread over two locations the locations will be listed next to the time frame/day.

DAY 1.    Location: Coral Bay

We went snorkeling around the reef, although today it was much more pleasant because we got to wear wetsuits! (wetsuits make you warm in cold water if you didn’t know) But dad didn’t because apparently ‘he is tough’ so snorkeling was pretty cool. We got about 20 metres out from the beach when Meg freaked, so Mum took Meg all the way back to the beach while dad and I swam on. Dad was determined to find Ayers Rock, I complained and said

“But Dad, we’ve already been to Ayers rock all the way back in NT, how on Earth could it be here in Coral bay WA” (Yes, I know it rhymes).

“Well Sidney” explained Dad “Ayers rock is actually a Coral formation here in the reef”

“No it’s not, it’s a rock in NT” (I mean sacred monument) I said.

“Just you wait” said Dad.

So dad and a I swam all the way to ‘Ares rock’ which turns out to be just a big circular bit of coral (nothing like Uluru). Although, I must admit I was pretty excited to see it.

Later that day we went to the shark sanctuary and saw stingrays and sharks (of course). The black things in the water are sharks.


DAY 2.         Location: Carnarvon

Today was pretty much driving the whole day apart from when we went to the shearers hall of fame. At the shearers hall of fame there was a lot of models and artifacts but there were also lots of vehicles in the center bit of the shed which Meg and I played on for half of the time. Then we set up camp and went to bed.


This is my train (with a supercharged engine)

This is meg’s fire truck (it’s almost twenty times bigger then her)


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Aussie Blog Episode 43

Aussie Blog Episode 43

Main events:

Snorkeling at oyster stacks:

Spotting desert peas (red and black plant pictured below)

Dinner (definitely a main event)

this is for you Auntie Fay, we found the desert peas!


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